Open Studio, January 2013

Here’s the best pics from the January open studio day. Not many models but we had a lot of fun and will probably do another at the end of February. Dzhennet and Karina modeled in a variety of costumes ranging from Roman to fiddle-wielding fairy, a bottle of white wine was consumed, and much fun was had by all involved….

Viking Rus photo studio

At the end of September, I hosted a photoshoot in my kitchen studio for the Runejar reenactment club. Having 15 people in my studio flat, plus shields, axes, and armor, was really something. Their group focuses on the 10th Century Viking Rus, but includes women doing reconstructions of Alania period dress as well . They use the Valknut, symbol of the Norse god…

Saklikent Dreaming

Basically just messing around with some travel pictures from the summer school I worked at in Turkey – we did an excursion to this wonderful marble canyon. The walls were as sensuously curved as Classical sculpture, but there was a wildness too… Well, I was there at midday and the light was only so-so, and I was just scanning through…

Finland, 2012

Stony shores of Långvik bay near Helsinki[/caption]Just returned from a ten day trip to Finland with the family of one of my English students. We spent a good bit of time fishing off this island, catching one pike there. About where these wonderful rocks began, I handed off my pole and picked up my camera – hadn’t caught anything but…

Bought a secondhand Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 for my Canon 60D today

After I picked it up I went to the nearest park and shot for about an hour and a half. Unfortunately, about 2 minutes in an elderly local English teacher glommed on to me and, asked if I minded her practicing her English with me for a bit, and then followed me around for the next hour and a half….

Huge fire over the Moscow river

saw it from where the green metro line bridge. Got my tablet computer/ ebook reader up to take this picture, then went back with my camera (but it doesn't auto-upload, and I haven't processed the pictures yet). I really hope this is just related to someone being incompetent, like most fires in Moscow, and nothing political… it's election day here….

New Site

After almost 2 years of knowing I needed to switch my site to faster hosting, I’ve finally switched to a new host and redone the site using a new theme. So I’ve probably lost some pictures and broken links along the way, but at least my blog is finally usable again! So, let’s see – I’m in Moscow, Russia again…