Ravens of the North

Times and Epochs Festival 3 , Moscow Russia (??????? ? ?????) (Kira Hagen)
A man in medieval costume holds a raven on his arm at the third Times and Epochs Festival, Moscow Russia (Времена и Эпохи) (Kira Hagen)

I just got home from shooting over 3,000 photos at the third Times and Epochs festival, and I just love this photo so I’m posting it event though I’ve got nothing else from this event fully processed. My husband, the man in the photo, had gotten swamped by people requesting their photo taken with him, like always (he doesn’t mind), and I’d wandered off to browse the merchant booths. Then I saw someone had handed him their pet raven to pose with, and I just picked up my skirts and ran back to grab a couple shots. The raven’s barely more than a baby – two months old – and was well behaved but for trying to steal his cloak brooch.

Tony is very strongly Asatru and hails Odin as his patron, who of course has the two ravens, Thought and Memory – Hugin and Munin – flying through the world and whispering its secrets to him. So a photo that looks this mythic and Norse really pleased him, and I think other people might like it too.

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