Recent studio work

Lilly, and Estonian model working in Berlin
Lilly, an Estonian model working in Berlin

I’ve been doing some more work with models recently, mainly a lovely Estonian girl named Lilly. Unfortunately, I seemed to have forgotten all my (meagre) Estonian except for “Saku Tume, palun”, which is how one orders a dark Saku brand beer. Delicious stuff. I’m not sure if it’s really that good, actually, or only that good in comparision to Russia’s dark beers – Baltica Six is the only drinkable one, in my opinion, and I was pretty sick of that by the time I left…

Anyway, Lilly’s been lovely to work with, and some of these shots just smolder. I’m thinking they’d work well for book covers on romance or vampire novels (funny how much overlap there is there, isn’t it?). Anyway, the gallery is a mix of quite a few different styles as we were working on a portfolio for her and that requires a model to show off her range. Take a look and enjoy.

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