Solstice in Berlin

It’s the shortest night of the year. I’d much rather be out at a bonfire than here at the digital hearth, but at least Tony and I went out to the Friedricshain Folkpark and climbed the big hill out there. We had some good bread with local goat cheese on top, and split a bottle of “Odin’s Drink” honey ale. Very lovely. Getting up and down the hill is a bit like walking a labyrinth on a cone; lots of circling around and getting very disoriented. It’s all forested and you can’t get much of a view. I like it.

On a side note, I’m trying out a new service, Ping, which lets me cross post from my blog to a variety of other sites – LJ, MySpace, etc. So here’s hoping it works.

Also, Tony took some pictures of me for profile pics and whatnot – take a look and tell me which you think I should be using, please! They’re linked off the photo below.


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