Going bonkers

Went down to the Belarussian consulate to get our transit visas started today, but the line was too long and they said they wouldn’t get through what was there now before closing for their 2 hour lunch break… Now I have to go back again tomorrow but even earlier. Ugh. I hate mornings.

Today was just… long. I felt like I was running in circles pointlessly. Did a shoot with a girl who’s sort of a student (we’re trading modeling for a couple lessons. She’s gorgeous and so poor she doesn’t even have makeup… not that she needs it. Sigh. She looks like a classic Italian beauty, and is sooo slender – seriously, every time I see her I want to feed her. She’s Georgian and lives with her mom, though, so it’s probably just her metabolism, given how heavy their food is. Arg.) Anyway, eventually got some good shots in spite of having light coming in through the window interfere with my infrared flash system. Eventually I just gave up on it and used natural light instead, even though it was pretty dim.

I do feel like I’m getting an increasingly good grip on how to handle models, anyway. It’s mainly fun, but dammit one more thing to run around and do that I don’t really have time for right now! Right now it’s just feeling like yet more work, though I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than teaching English.

I feel like I’m going out of my mind, hopping around in circles over and over, and am not at all ready to move.

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