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Tsaritsino at Twilight

In November, I found a request for images of Tsaritsino Palace, a museum estate in the South of Moscow, on Photographers Direct’s web site. That Saturday the sky was clear and I dragged Tony away from the computer for about 5 hours of shooting. The change from before the renovation was amazing – when we visited the park in 2005 there was no roof and crows nesting in every cranny. Now it has the elegance to rival the palace-museums of France… pretty amazing. Clean air down there, too – very nice to get out of the center and be able to breathe for a bit!

Anyway, out of about 90 images uploaded for the request, mine was selected for a 1 page “updates” article in National Geographic Historia, a Spanish history magazine. I’m very pleased (and I think my grandmother is now telling everyone in her little town that her granddaughter is a National Geographic photographer). This is my first sale to a major title, so I’m celebrating a bit!

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